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Let's Trap Some Tourists

  • Tourist Trap Analysis

    Are you properly aligned to bring in tourism & traffic
    Valid for one week
    • -Includes a Professional Expert Deep Dive into Your Presence
    • Online & Offline, Reputation & Functionality
    • Reporting & Feedback Video Analysis (Guide Through Results)
    • Customized Trends Analysis Report Inlcuded ($125 Value)
    • Thirty Minute Think Tank Included ($100 Value)
  • Your Content Preparation Package

    Every year
    Annual Photography & Reel Content Session
    • --Customized Content to Provide Your Marketing Team--
    • 250+ Photos You Can Use to Attract To Your Experience
    • B-Reel Footage File + Reel Idea Guide
    • A Free Copy of "How to Market My Vacation Experience" E-Book
    • FacetHub Membership & Resource Network
    • *2 Night / 3 Day Stay at your vacation rental OR
    • Complimentary Experience at Your Business is Required
    • NOTE: Travel Surcharge Will Be Billed as Setup Fee
    • This is an annual subscription for a refresher as needed
  • Tourist Trap Ad Management

    Every month
    Monthly Ad Campains to Generate Traffic & Leads to Your Hospitality Business
    • Monthly Fee Includes Ad Spend Up to $2,200 (billed seperate)
    • Includes:
    • Campaign Management
    • Target Audience Research Monthly
    • Competitor Ad Analysis
    • Ad Reporting & Budget Monitoring
  • Tourist Trapping for Beginners

    Every month
    Your Marketing Team is Here to Help
    • Enough Social Media To Be Found
    • "My Reputation Stands Alone" Ad Share Plan
    • Trend Monitoring & Reporting
    • Social Media & Blog Shoutouts on Facets of Vacation
    • Thirty Second Commercial on Facets of Inspiration TV + CTA
    • ---- Discount On Additional Ad Spend ----
  • Tourist Trapping Annual Plan

    Every year
    Seasonally Focused, Customized & Done-For-You
    • Customized Content & Strategy For Seasonal Lead Generation
    • Engaging Reels & Attraction Marketing Content Creation
    • Optimized Attraction-Generating Captions
    • Optimized Location Specific Attraction Generating Hashtags
    • Trend Report of Your Region & Ways to Impress Your Visitors
    • Posts Scheduled for 12-Months Using Target Audience Method
    • 12-Months of Canva Templates to Create Custom Content
    • Basically Your Whole Year of Marketing for Half The Price*
    • *Based on $100,000 Profit Model at 15% Marketing Spend
    • **Annual Subscription Rate**
    • 1 Think Tank Session Quarterly - 30 Minutes
    • 1 Year subscription to Facets of Inspiration TV
    • 30 Second Promotional Clip/Video in rotation on FoI TV
    • One "Your Content Marketing Package" Annually ($1495 Value)
    • Monthly Available: $1,595 Monthly: Ask Your Creative Team
  • Ad Share Program

    Every month
    Like a TIMESHARE, but for your ad space
    Valid for 3 months
    • Target Audience That Will Love What You Do
    • Cheaper Than Monthly Tourist Trapping Alone
    • Focused Spotlights & Shoutouts that Direct Only to You
    • A Beginner Way to Reach New Leads & Not Break The Bank
    • Three Month Increments To Align & Readjust The Sails
    • Thirty Minute Think Tank with Your Marketing Team
    • 1 Listing Included on Facets of Vacation
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