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As Your Content Team @FacetsofHospitality, we spend a ton of time in cool places, staying in neat spaces, and visiting with beautiful faces. We bought a channel on Facets of Inspiration TV to showcase those experiences and companies and inspire you to go find more... on vacation, in your life, and in your business.  

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We love a good off-grid vacation option, and Northland Outfitters in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has brought that together with WiFi for the perfect working vacation... when you want to work just a little, but go explore mostly. Kayaking, Hiking, and even hanging out with Benny the Beardfisher, a Thomas Dambo Troll, you'll really LOVE your experience at Northland Outfitters Campground in Germfask, Michigan. Please tag us @FacetsofVacation when you visit so we can see how much fun you had! 

Trap Yourself Some Tourists

We aim to lead cool people to cool places. 

Are you a cool people? 

Do you run a cool place? 

Let's connect and help you trap more tourists ... ahem, bring more leads to your hospitality business!

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